河内 浩行


河内 浩行(かわち・ひろゆき)
Hiroyuki Kawachi



  • 京都大学大学院工学研究科博士後期課程修了
  • 岡崎国立共同研究機構基礎生物学研究所ポストドクターフェロー、京都大学農学研究科応用生物科学専攻助手、同助教を経て本学へ


(1) 飼料用天然成分における核内受容体リガンドの探索
 リガンド依存性の核内転写因子PPARγは脂肪細胞分化のマスターレギュレーターとして働くことが知られている。そこで、飼料として利用可能な食品製造副産物の脂溶性成分についてPPARγリガンドアッセイを行い、天然物からPPAR γ活性化因子を探索している。
(2) 食の安全・安心に対する検査法の開発

 そのひとつとして、ウシ、トリ、ウマ、ブタ、ヒツジ由来DNAの混入を判別するDNA アレイの開発がある。

研究の応用領域 産官学連携で求めるパートナー
飼料・医薬品の開発、検査法の開発 大学、国・地方自治体の研究機関、飼料開発の関連企業、検査キット開発の関連企業
Topics of research
(1) New technique to promote beef marbling

 Beef marbling is an important trait of meat quality, which contributes directly to the value of beef especially in the Japanese market. The development of beef marbling was closely associated with an increase in the number of adipocytes, that is, adipocyte differentiation in the skeletal muscle. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) is a liganddependent transcription factor that directly activates the expression of adipocyte-specific genes, and is universally accepted as the master regulator for adipocyte differentiation. Through screening for natural PPARγ activator in feed using the PPARγ luciferase reporter assay, the ethanol extracts of sake lees, soy sauce lees, vinegar lees, and beer lees, and soy sauce oil activated PPARγ.Treatment with the ethanol extracts of these lees materials enhanced some markers of adipocyte differentiation in 3T3-L1 cells. These results suggest that these lees materials possess PPARγ activators.

(2) Study aimed at improving the meat quality of aquaculture Biwa trout

 Biwa trout is endemic to Lake Biwa, and is considered one of the tastiest fishes among salmons. The development of fatty Biwa trout belly influences tenderness and flavor of trouts, which contributes directly to the value of trouts on Japanese market. It, however, has not yet been made clear when fatty Biwa trout belly is developed.

 So We tried to establish the measurement system for fat contents of Biwa trout using Computed Tomography (CT). AS a result, CT is demonstrated to be useful for determining fat contents of Biwa trout. It becomes obvious that fatty Biwa trout belly is beginning to be developed after reaching a weight of approximately 370 g, by the use of CT.

(3) Development of the analysis methods for securing food safety

For surveying animal materials in feedstuffs, we developed a DNA chip-based method. Diversity in DNA sequences among cattle, chickens, horses, pigs, and sheep was found in mitochondrial DNA ,and oligonucleotide probes targeting these regions were designed. This methods was suitable for the detection of microcontamination of feed by animal materials. Moreover, PCR-RFLP analysis has been applied to the identification of meats from Biwa trout, Amago trout, Yamame trout, and Rainbow trout. This valid method can be used to detect commercial fraud by using other cheaper trout, instead of biwa trout.

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